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New Legislation Adopted in 2017 Requires School Districts to Establish Combined Polling Places Annually by December 31

School districts have authority to establish combined polling places for those elections in which no other election is being held within the school district. Amendments to Minnesota Statutes Section 205A.11 require school boards to annually designate, by resolution, combined polling places for stand-alone school district elections held in the following calendar year.

The location(s) of combined polling place(s) have also been limited to those locations designated for use as a polling place by a county or municipality. Consequently, school districts that have designated a school facility for their combined polling place which has not also been designated as a polling place by a county or municipality may no longer be able to use that school facility as a combined polling place.

When determining the location of one or more combined polling places throughout the school district, both geographical distribution and population distribution must be considered. For school districts that have school board member election districts, a combined polling place for a general election must not include voters from more than one board member election district.

Want to know more? We have prepared a Notice of Legislative Amendments that contains helpful information and is available free of charge to Minnesota School Superintendents. Please indicate the name of your school district along with your request.

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